Industrial and High-Risk Sites

Protection of people, premises and assets incorporating entrance security, intrusion detection and video surveillance.

Industrial and High-Risk Sites

Integrated high-security protection of people, premises and assets

Create multi-layered areas of defence around the site perimeter, at the site entrances and throughout the interior of the site. Entrance security and integrated electronic security soutions enable you to monitor the movement of people and vehicles, incorporating intrusion detection and video surveillance technology.

Nuclear, Energy & Chemicals

Power plants are mostly surrounded by extensive grounds that need to be protected against unauthorised entry. Access control is vitally important to ensure that employees and visitors are kept in the right areas and that unauthorised personnel do not enter sensitive areas. Threats to this infrastructure include accidents, vandalism, theft and sabotage. 


Perimeter protection and access control to ensure that military personnel are kept in the right areas and that unauthorised personnel do not enter restricted areas.


Manage access for employees and control the passage of external visitors and suppliers. Create special access areas such as areas where machinery is in use where only authorised personnel should be allowed to enter wearing protective footwear.

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